Strategic Services & Strategic Training for business development

Stravalue International Presentation.

1 - Company profile and business activities

Stravalue International is a strategic marketing consultancy, founded with the mission of accompanying companies and institutions in the process of defining and implementing high-value strategies.

When creating and managing business and brand strategies, Stravalue International believes in the three main values: Strategic Rigor, Formal Methodology and Creativity.

Stravalue interacts with the market developing two work areas

» Strategic Services

» Strategic Training

Stravalue focuses (both in the Strategic Services area and in the Strategic Training area), in three specialized strategic fields:

» Internal Organization and Management Skills

» Marketing Strategy: creating and branding differentiated value for the clients

» Business Development: discovering and managing new business horizons

Stravalue expertise is based on the accumulative strategic management and academic experience that, its team has developed in different sectors and markets.

Stravalue updated management techniques are based on the continuous training of its team in challenging worldwide work scenarios and also in management programs in the most qualified and innovative business schools all over the world.

2. Personalized Case studies for Strategic Services and Strategic Training

Sectors Strategic Services Strategic Training
Common to all sectors Designing and implementing the business development plan Designing and implementing the career management and training plan
Habitat Creating a new brand for occupying new habitat spaces Coaching the global management team
Textile Building up a new international area Developing and implementing the commercial plan of the client Global branding workshop
Lighting Sales team organization Internal Marketing Workshop
New technologies Making a comparative research about pricing and value global positioning ational department of the client Coaching the business development team
Personal Care Monitoring the brand communication program Sales negotiation Workshop
Home Appliance and Promotional Products Designing the management team Management and organizational skills Workshop
Food Finding strategic partners in the international markets Relationship marketing Workshop
Education Creating a new sales area Customer relationship Workshop
Market Intelligence Monitoring the expansion in new geographical markets Coaching the management team
Auxiliary Building Materials Making market research in emerging markets Coaching the business development team
Retail Distribution Auditing the management skills Business development negotiation Workshop

3. Methodology and style in Strategic Services and Strategic Training

The methodology of Stravalue’s Strategic Services is based on:

» Market intelligence about the market and sector required to fulfill our clients’ needs

» Audit of the management and team of our clients organization

» Audit of the strategic priorities for our clients

» Organizing the internal strategic team, to work with Stravalue to make the most of our strategic and business development plans and inputs

» Designing and implementing the best strategic tools and techniques to increase the brand value, the strategic positioning and the sales of our clients

» Accompanying the management in the implementation of the designed strategies and business development actions

» Interacting with the different levels of the organization, so that to guarantee the right communication and implementation of the new strategies

» Being the international commercial and marketing area of our clients

The methodology of Stravalue’s Strategic Training is based on:

» Auditing the strategic training needs and priorities of the organization

» Auditing the professional skills and organizational competencies

» Designing the personalized programs that match the participants and organization profile, and strategic company goals

» Sharing the main conceptual frameworks related to the training goals

» Business Cases preparation and discussion

» Role playing in business simulations

» Evaluating the results of the training accordingly to the strategic training goals and company values

Annex 1

Main Examples of Strategic Services (see our web for details)
Internal Organization and Management Skills Strategic Marketing Business development
  • Creation and management of innovation teams
  • Creation and management of marketing teams
  • Creation and management of teams oriented towards business development and strategy
  • Accompaniment in the process of hiring key job positions accordingly to the management´s needs and company´s tendencies towards national or international growth and expansion
  • Strategic Marketing programs based on:
  • Product / Service development
    Price / Value positioning
    Brand communication
    Distribution channels selection
  • Sales Team re-definition
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Benchmarking and identification of new, potential products, segments and markets
  • Brand: creation, management and brand positioning
  • Development and management of new business units
  • Development and management of key clients
  • Development and management of international markets
  • Analysis and selection of business partners in the process of business development

Annex 2

Main Examples Strategic Training (see our web for detail) based on Workshops
Internal Organization and Management Skills Strategic Marketing Business development
Training Program in competencies such as:
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Innovation Teams
  • Internal marketing
  • Team leadership
  • Team Empowerment
  • Cultivating the client´s loyalty: relationship marketing
  • New trends in sales teams: the consultant seller
  • Team training: training of the internal teams as a mean to communicate the company´s strategy
  • Team work with the executive team towards the creation of a new brand (values + differentials + benefits + images)
  • Creation and management of global brands
  • Creation and management of global teams for international development
  • New development in communication: using new technologies